If you are planning to start a media project in New Zealand or Hong Kong, a travel programme for tv channels, a media event for your new products, a commercial advertisement targeted at the Chinese market or translate your current marketing materials into another language, Eventes is your number one choice; our STRONG MEDIA BACKGROUND, EXTENSIVE NETWORK OF CONTACTS and IN-DEPT KNOWLEDGE of different markets set us apart from the others.

When it comes to media production, Eventes can offer help at different stages, from generating ideas, scouting locations, finding suppliers and sponsors, hiring props and equipment, obtaining permits to actual filming and post-event supports; our CREATIVE, EXPERIENCED team is committed to make your production a SUCCESS.

Case Study: The Hong Kong Airlines' Auckland Media Famil Trip

The airline company wanted to promote Auckland and surroundings as a great destination for family holidays. We were asked to design a media famil trip to showcase some of the latest and best tourist activities for family with kids. We helped our client generated 67 media reports in the next 4 months with an AE value of over NZD$630,000.  Click here to read more.

Case Study: The ViuTV's Travel Programme "To Sacrifice To Satisfy"

One of the most challenging projects in recent years. We were given only 10 working days to prepare everything from finding activities, securing sponsors to booking accommodations before the crew arrived in two weeks.  Click here to read more.

Case Study: The Cable Television's Travel Programme "World Exploration With Every Single Person"

Miss. Priscilla Wong, the presenter, was here to meet some local friends, help them out at work and learn about their culture. We introduced some of our friends to the production team, helped arrange their filming activities, transportation and accommodation. 

Case Study: The Now TV's Travel Programme "One Life One Earth"

The programme was interested in interviewing some working holiday travelers in New Zealand, visiting their workplaces and trying on their jobs. We introduced a few working holiday travelers to the production team and arranged some activities for the group.

Case Study: The TVB's Travel Programme "Three Days Two Nights"

In this programme, we helped the production team design an itinerary, suggest some filming activities, find some sponsors and provide support when filming in New Zealand.