Hong Kong Airlines’ Auckland Media Famil Trip

The airline had just introduced a new flight route between Hong Kong and Auckland. The company wanted to promote Auckland and surroundings as a great destination for family holidays. We were asked to design a media famil trip to showcase some of the latest and best tourist activities for families in the region.

We found Asians, especially families with kids under 12 year-old, were extremely interested in campervaning. New Zealand is a great campervaning country, we reckoned articles about travelling in a campervan would catch a lot of attentions from readers.

And our further study showed campervaning was rarely reported in Asian media publications because campervans were hardly found in Asia; we reckoned journalists would be very interested in joining and reporting this famil trip if we focus on a campervaning experience. However, our client concerned the cost of running a campervan media trip would be unaffordable.

To bring the idea to life, we managed to help our client secure sponsorship from several vendors and service providers through our network and connections. It helped lower the running costs substantially and our client approved the budget. 

The trip was a huge success, the response we receivedwas overwhelming. The media famil trip helped our client generated more than 67 reports and 16 news videos across 15 publications and media platforms in the next 4 months. The advertising equivalent value of this campaign generated worth more than $630,000 New Zealand Dollars. We were very proud of what we had achieved for our client.