To Sacrifice To Satisfy

We received a mid-night call from the Hong Kong television production team two weeks before the filming began, they were looking for a local producer urgently.

We were given the tasks of suggesting and organizing a list of filming activities which covered about five hours of screen time, designing a two-week itinerary for all the destinations and filming activities, securing sponsors to keep the project under their budget, obtaining permits for filming in several conservation parks, making contact and liaising with more than forty different activity providers or vendors and arranging accommodation and transportation for sixteen crew members in peak season when pretty much everything was booked out!

The production was divided into two groups, one in North Island and another in South Island, stretched 1,860km from Pahia to Queenstown. Given only ten working days to complete all the tasks before the crew arrived, our team had to work extremely hard to get the job done. Thanks to all the contacts of our vast network, together we made the impossible mission possible within a very short period of time.

The weather was pretty unstable during the filming period, two storms hit New Zealand and both North and South Island groups were affected; we had to keep changing the schedule and suggesting new filming activities to replace those we missed due to bad weather.

It was a real challenge but we were very proud that it went well at the end it!