Felix Wu

Studio Photographer

On the 8th of March in 2002, Felix said farewell to his family in China, boarded a plane to New Zealand and began a completely new journey. Leaving home to study and live in New Zealand was a bold decision that radically changed his life.

After graduating Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland’s Business School, Felix found a project management job in a construction company, then a property management job in a real estate company. However, he did not take him long to realize his real passion was in photography, not in property. Felix decided to make another radical move by resigning from his property management job and became a professional photographer.

Over the past decade, Felix has taken thousands of astonishing, highly acclaimed photos for wedding couples from New Zealand and overseas. He then moved onto setting up his own studio doing commercial works for companies, fashion brands, magazines and international celebrities. His finished products were regularly published in magazines and media such as the New Zealand Weddings, Together Journal and Best of Best.

Felix’s love towards photography never ends, he devotes pretty much all his time to photography. When he is not holding his camera, he would be reading magazines or websites learning about the latest trends and techniques in photographic world . His passion on photography also brighten up his life; from astronomy to zoology, he is interested in exploring any object through his camera lenses. For some people, photography may just be a hobby or a job, but for Felix, it is everything.

Please visit Felix-Wu.com to see Felix’s portfolio.


Other team members…


JOHNNY LEUNG – Founder & Event Consultant

ROXIE FU – Media & Travel Consultant

MICHAEL HSU – Media Production Consultant