Michael Hsu

Media Production Consultant

Michael moved from Taiwan to New Zealand in 1995 to study Physics in the University of Auckland.

He started working as a studio assistant in a local Chinese television station and was later asked to be a camera operator. Michael who had never used a camera before had to learn everything by spending hours and days in front of  television teaching himself.

After working for the television station for four years, Michael believed it was time to take his videographic skill to another level. He resigned from the company, went back to Taiwan and joined one of the biggest production companies in the country to polish his skill. He then moved onto another satellite tv station to learn about studio production, concert performance and live broadcasting.

Michael came back to New Zealand and started his own production companies, “ExpressioNZ Studio” for the wedding market and “Asia Pacific Production” for filming commercials, live concerts, television programmes and movie productions. Projects that Michael involved in the recent years include, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”, “Star April”, pianist Lang Lang’s Auckland Live Concert, IBBI Hans Christian Anderson Award Gala Dinner and many more. 

In terms of character, Michael is a modest, earnest, hard-working workhorse who would never give up lightly. He is friendly, easy-going and perceptive. In his spare time, Michael loves listening to music, watching movies, following NBA and baseball games, and of course, sleeping.

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