Twilight Vineyards in HK International Wine & Spirits Fair

The wine company was interested in exporting wine to Hong Kong and China. We were commissioned to design and setup their booth in a Hong Kong wine fair, translate their marketing materials into Chinese and get them printed in Hong Kong. 

The vineyard wanted their booth to be different from an ordinary wine booth, not just a counter offering wine samples but something special that would catch everyone’s attention. They also hoped the buyers could feel their vineyard’s “terroir” when tasting their wine. We came up with a “vineyard” design; and to keep the expenses under their budget, we tried to make the design as simple as possible but effective.

To rebuild the “terroir”, we recovered two unwanted grape vines from our client’s vineyard, washed, sprayed, dried and wrapped; we took another two aged vineyard posts, a roll of no.8 wire and six aged red wine barrels from their winery. We packed everything and shipped the “vineyard”  to Hong Kong with the wine.

Once arrived at the exhibition centre, we stacked the barrels up like how they were done traditionally, raised the posts, laid the wires and tied the vines onto the trellis. Instead of using a standard bar or counter, we setup a long wooden table with leather seats to create a relax environment.

The exhibition was a huge success, everyone raved about the booth design. The vines and stacked barrels attracted tremendous amount of attentions from media and visitors. The exhibition helped the wine company built a strong brand image in Hong Kong.